Demonstration: How to use A.I. to Assist in Writing a Chapter of a Book

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0:00 - Introduction
0:32 - Mentioning the impact of AI tools on writing and the focus on how to write a captivating non-fiction book chapter.
0:50 - Example #1 of storytelling in non-fiction writing
2:55 - Example #2 of storytelling in non-fiction writing
4:00 - Mentioning the variety of chapter styles and hinting at the focus on writing a story-style chapter in the video.
5:33 - Explaining the process of using AI tools, starting with a standard writing tool like Chat GPT.
8:29 - Using a ’standard’ writing tool, like ChatGPT, to generate a story-style chapter for a book titled "The Winner's Mindset" with specific prompts.
12:01 - Reading the chapter generated by Chat GPT and providing a brief evaluation of its quality.
10:18 - Transitioning to using Sophie Howard's A.I. Tools that have been calibrated for writers, starting with the "wisdom and advice quotes" tool to gather information.
13:56 - Introducing the “Write a chapter (story style)” tool and showing how to use it to generate a chapter of a book.
18:48 - Sharing the story-style chapter generated by Sophie's tools and discussing the potential for refinement or additions.
24:05 - Exploring the option of adding breakout boxes or quotes from studies to enhance the chapter.
25:50 - Highlighting the benefits of using AI and Sophie's tools for writing books and scaling your own online book empire.