Here's A Breakdown Of Everything You Get Today

Step By Step Video Training
($2,997 Value)

Step by step video instructions designed so that a 5th grader can follow it, yet powerful enough that anyone can use the knowledge to publish eBooks that become digital assets, potentially providing passive income.

Expert VIP Concierge Team
($1,188 Value)

Never, ever, EVER get stuck! Our VIP concierge team is here to help you with anything you need, any time for 12 months! Not only will you get the full business model laid out, you'll get all the help and support you need to implement it.

My Little Black Book of Contacts
($1,000 Value)

Save yourself thousands of dollars worth of trial and error and get immediate access to tested and proven writers, designers and other outsourcers!

E-Selling Machine PRO - AI Enhanced VIP Tools (12/mo Access)
($997 Value)

Leverage the power of Artificial Intelligence and be in the cutting edge with a PRO toolkit to help you come up with book outlines, chapter drafts, editing, rewriting and more. All designed to make your business even easier to run, and even faster to get started!

12 Months of Weekly Group Coaching
($3,000 Value)

Let me personally help you to succeed with weekly group coaching. You'll get all your questions answered, plus learn things that you didn't even know you didn't know. I can't stress enough just how vital this is to your success!

Plus, Act Today, And You'll Get All Of These Amazing Free Bonuses...

Three Touch Point Check-ins

We will personally jump on an onboarding call with you to get you started, and again in 30 days and 60 days to make sure you are on track. In the unlikely event you are not, together we'll come up with a personalized plan to get you to where you need to be!

Niche Finder Software

Take the guessing out! With this software you'll have a very good idea before you even get started how likely you book is to sell, and how much money it could potentially make.

Free Fast Start #1: Public Domain Masterclass
($997 Value)

What if you could get your first book up on Amazon without writing a word, and without paying anyone else to write? With this free fast start, you can do exactly that!

Free Fast Start #2: Low Content Masterclass
($997 Value)

A second method that you can use to get a book up and selling on Amazon without having to pay to get it written, and with minimal writing yourself.

Paperback and Audible Profit Multiplier
($497 Value)

Instantly multiply your profits using work you've already done, by simlpy releasing the paperback version of your book, and also an audio version. We'll take you through everything you need, step by step!

International Profit Multiplier
($300 Value)

Yet another way to multiply your profits using work you've already done! Go to other English speaking countries, and/or get your book translated. We'll show you everything you need to know, step by step.

Fast Launch Facebook Group
($1,164 Value)

You will also get access to an exclusive, highly active Facebook Group, used to help you launch your book and climp Amazon rankings!

Total Value: $12,740 Regular Investment: $4,000

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Everything You Are Getting Today

  •  Step By Step Video Training
  •  Expert VIP Concierge Team
  •  My Little Black Book of Contacts
  •  12 Months of Weekly Group Coaching
  •  AI Enhanced VIP Tools (12/mo)

7 Fast Action Bonuses

  •  BONUS #1 ➝ Three Touch Point Check-ins
  •  BONUS #2 ➝ Niche Finder Software
  •  BONUS #3 ➝ Free Fast Start #1: Public Domain Masterclass
  •  BONUS #4 ➝ Free Fast Start #2: Low Content Masterclass
  •  BONUS #5 ➝ Paperback and Audible Profit Multiplier
  •  BONUS #6 ➝ International Profit Multiplier
  •  BONUS #7 ➝ Fast Launch Facebook Group


Total Value: $12,740 Regular Investment: $4,000

The Doors To eSelling Machine are Closing At Midnight Tonight

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Your 180-Day Money-Back Guarantee

After 180 days in the program you can obtain a 100% money back refund on your course fees, if you are not satisfied with the program providing that you have:

  • Studied the course materials and gone through the program
  • Launched your business by listing at least 1 book on the Amazon Kindle platform

This guarantee is in place to ensure that if you take action, we are 100% backing your success in the program.

Frequently Asked Questions

As much as I'd love to think that my program can put a dint in the Kindle market, that's just not realistic. There's enough Kindle books being sold every single month to wrap around the entire planet and then some! It's a massive market, and at this point, still not very competative compared to other markets.
If you choose to outsource the writing of the book, that will cost around $800 give or take (depending on the book). You will then be looking at $20 - $50 to have a cover designed. If you would like to pay for Amazon ads, I've found that $50 - $100 per month is more than enough, and for me that can often bring in $500 - $1,000 worth of sales.
YES!!! I literally guarantee it. There are no previous skills or experience required at all. This was designed so that a 5th grader can do it. We've had successful people from all walks of life, including people worse at tech than you :)
This is a very difficult one to answer, and depends on many things, such as time and money you're willing to invest amoungst other things.
It's possible to earn enough to replace a full time job in 2-3 months, for others it might take a whole year, or if you don't take action, not at all! Let me put this back on you...
If you knew in advance that it would take a whole year of effort to acheive your income goals, and in that year you would endure challenges... would you start?
If the answer to this question is no, you're probably not the sort of student we're looking for in this program. It's not that it will take a year... but it might, and if you're not willing to stick it out, this probably isn't for you.
On the other hand, if the answer is yes, then you 100% want to jump on board right now, before I take it off the market!
Once you book is actually up, there's very little additional time required, until you want to get your next book up. To get the book up, it will require a few hours of your time per book.
Yes. You can do this from anywhere in the world with an internet connection
Absolutely. I don't write any of my own books, and I don't make any of my own covers. I outsource them all, and it works really well for me. I'll show you how to outsource it in the course, and also give you all my best contacts for outsourcing.
Don't worry, I'll walk you through step by step in the course how to find an idea, then how to validate that idea so that you know in advance if it's likely to succeed or not. Like anything, it's easy once you know how, and I'll show you how.
3 Part answer:
1. I do do it myself
2. I love to teach and to make a massive impact on people's lives. I've got plenty of money, what else am I going to do
3. Truth be told, I make a lot of money teaching it. I know I have a lot to give, and feel good about being rewarded for it.


Total Value: $12,740 Regular Investment: $4,000

Webinar Only Special: Save Over 50%

Yes, I Want Access NowSave Over 50% - Limited Time