KPI Members Update: Important - These NEWLY UPDATED Tools Practically Write Books For You... Don't Miss This Exclusive Member-Only Session

If you’re using ChatGPT in your writing, it may cause more harm than good (depending how it’s used).

However, I do have NEWLY UPDATED tools that have been fine-tuned for writers (both Non-Fiction AND Fiction) that are proving to be an absolute game changer…

…And I’m going to showcase these new tools to you on this members-only exclusive session.

I’ve invested plenty into getting these custom trained tools for writers created and you’ll find out how they work, see them in action, and I’ll be opening up a members-only loyalty discount that is only available on this workshop (first in first served).

So don’t miss this.

These tools are like having a full time writing assistant and researcher, working for you.

It’s quite mindblowing. And the quality is outstanding.

These are great for producing phenomenally good outlines, conduction research and providing details for writers you hire, so that they produce better quality books…

…OR they can even be used to write the book for you (see full chapters being written in front of you on this session, for both non-fiction and fiction, and more!)

This is vital, don’t miss this important members update session.

See you there.


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