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Hosted By: Sophie Howard

Finally Revealed: How to Turn Your Passion into a Profit - The EXACT 3-Step System a Mom of 2 Used to Make $227,184 in 12 months from Self Publishing and Exclusive Automation Software.

On this coaching session, you will learn:

  • Discover how to set up these income streams without needing any special skills or experience of any kind
  • How to research and create top-notch digital (and physical) content that keeps the cash flowing in.
  • You don't need to be a writer! Learn how to get people to write for you like Sophie does, or use this system to become a self-published author yourself.
  • Plus, we're introducing a set of exclusive A.I. tools (you won't find these anywhere else!). These tools help do the heavy lifting - they plan, research, and even write for you. These are so phenomenally incredible they have to be seen in action to be believed.

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The eSelling Machine Manifesto
How to Turn Your Passion into Words and Words into Profit.

This Free Book Reveals: 

  • How to turn your passion into a self-published book, boost your authority on a topic, and make sales (OR how to pay others to ghost-write for you if you prefer to stay anonymous).
  • How Sophie made $227,184 in the last 12 months from this method (and continues to bank over $5k per WEEK in royalties).
  • How little-known A.I. tools that are specialised for writers, are changing the game and make it easier than ever before to write and sell books.
  • Plus Sophie’s Free mini-course that gives a solid overview of how all this works.

  • STEP 3 - Watch Sophie's Case Study:

    What is eSelling? How Sophie makes 20k+/month from Amazon Books (Print, Digital and Audio).

    STEP 4 - Go Through The Free Video Course

    1. [Case Study] Sophie’s 20k/month eSelling Method

    2. Multiply Your Earnings (3 Sources of Income With 1 Book!)

    3.  Secret Techniques: Affiliate Marketing With Amazon

    4. Scalability of This Business Model (Reinvesting is Key!)

    5. How You Can Get 70% Profit Margin By Selling Books on Amazon

    6. Sophie Reveals One of Her Profitable Niches

    7. How To Scale Horizontally To Other Topics/Niches

    8. Leverage Your eBooks For Your Other Businesses

    9. How To Get Buyer Traffic To Your Books

    Demonstration: How to use A.I. to Assist in Writing a Chapter of a Book

    STEP 5 - Watch These Case Studies

    Teddy's 5-Figures/Month Secret
    (Niche Revealed + Game-Changer AI Tools Teaser)

    [Case Study] Freedom And Success With Sophie's 'eSelling Machine" Business Model

    [Case Study] How Nik Found Success Selling Books On A Wide Variety Of Niches
    (Including Coloring Books & More)