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Hosted By: Sophie Howard

Finally Revealed: How to Turn Your Passion into a Profit - The EXACT 3-Step System a Mom of 2 Used to Make $227,184 in 12 months from Self Publishing and Exclusive Automation Software.

On this coaching session, you will learn:

  • Discover how to set up these income streams without needing any special skills or experience of any kind
  • How to research and create top-notch digital (and physical) content that keeps the cash flowing in.
  • You don't need to be a writer! Learn how to get people to write for you like Sophie does, or use this system to become a self-published author yourself. 
  • Plus, we're introducing a set of exclusive A.I. tools (you won't find these anywhere else!). These tools help do the heavy lifting - they plan, research, and even write for you. These are so phenomenally incredible they have to be seen in action to be believed.

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What is eSelling? How she makes 20k/month

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1. [Case Study] Sophie’s 20k/month eSelling Method

2. Multiply Your Earnings (3 Sources of Income With 1 Book!)

3.  Secret Techniques: Affiliate Marketing With Amazon

4. Scalability of This Business Model (Reinvesting is Key!)

5. How You Can Get 70% Profit Margin By Selling Books on Amazon

6. Sophie Reveals One of Her Profitable Niches

7. How To Scale Horizontally To Other Topics/Niches

8. Leverage Your eBooks For Your Other Businesses

9. How To Get Buyer Traffic To Your Books

Demonstration: How to use A.I. to Assist in Writing a Chapter of a Book

STEP 4 - Watch These Case Studies

Teddy's 5-Figures/Month Secret
(Niche Revealed + Game-Changer AI Tools Teaser)

[Case Study] Freedom And Success With Sophie's 'eSelling Machine" Business Model

[Case Study] How Nik Found Success Selling Books On A Wide Variety Of Niches
(Including Coloring Books & More)

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The eSelling Machine Manifesto
How to Turn Your Passion into Words and Words into Profit.

This Free Book Reveals:
- The enormous opportunity that exists in the world of self-publishing. How Sophie made $227,184 in the last 12 months from this method (and continues to bank over $5k per WEEK in royalties).
- How to turn your passion into a self-published book, boost your authority on a topic, and make sales.
- How to have others ghost write books for you, you don't have to use your own name on any of your books if you prefer to remain anonymous. Many love this approach also!
- How little-known A.I. tools that are specialised for writers, are changing the game and make it easier than ever before to write and sell books on Amazon (without ever having to pay for inventory).
- Plus gain FREE access to Online Video Mini Course on "How To Profit from Physical, Books, Kindle and Audio Books on Amazon".