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Top 10 Questions About "eSelling Machine" Answered

If you have any unanswered questions, we have compiled the top 10 questions on this page:

1. I missed the live workshop. Is there a link to the replay?

Yes, we have reopened the replay but they will be taken down shortly.

2. Will saturation become an issue?

No, saturation is not an issue. We are at the dawn of an age where self-published authors are going to do extremely well in the coming years. The margins for you are now higher, and there is no need to store inventory anymore so even physical books get printed by amazon on demand.

There are such a wide variety of thousands niche topics out there, ranging from history books, to personal development, to how-to books and more.

$28 Billion of Amazon's Revenue each year comes from book sales. It's such an incredible hungry and growing market. Yet many of the thousands of book niches on Amazon are under-served. There is too much 'sameness' going around and most niches have a lot of room for unique angles, or subtopicing in order to better serve more defined market segments.

Sophie teaches all of this in her program and has tools that help find those profitable niches that have just the right amount of competition for you to enter in and do well.

3. If all of us use these AI tools, won't some of us produce the same content?

No, this won't happen. You may be using the same tools but behind the scenes you are not using the same tools because each tool actually has a lot of similar but different tools underneath them. So even with the same tool, and the same input, you get very different output because the AI is actually creatively different each time AND the tool underneath is actually not the same tool each time you use it, despite it taking the same 'input'.

Another thing to understand is this tool is not a series of templates. Templates may be used as part of the training for some tools but it's not the only thing. The AI has learned the information already, it has learned how to write in certain styles. Or sometimes it's not the AI that's accessing the internet, it's another tool, that then passes that data to the AI in a separate function call.

Sometimes the AI breaks up into separate instances and then later stitches it all back together into a unique response, but you dont' see that going on as it's happening behind the scenes.

These are very helpful tools that are next level and you won't copy each other as a result.

4. Will the AI powered tools generate content that is plagiarised/ how do I check against plagiarism after the AI has generated my content?

Great Questions. No, our writing tools do not produce plagiarised content, however the times it does quote specifically from a published study or what an individual has said, it cites the source material. Otherwise it has already learned the information, much like a human, it explains it differently each time. We do teach you how to check if any phrase is copyrighted anyway in case you have any concerns, if this happens it's by rare coincidence, much like how a human could come up with a product name idea that someone else already thought of.

In terms of being detectible as AI, our tools have been tested many times and always come back as Very Unlikely or 0% probability of being AI. That's not to say it couldn't happen in the future that it could come back as being detected, but for now that's where it's at. Interestingly though, on Amazon, there are over 500 books that are publicly claimed to be written by AI, and Amazon hasn't kicked those books out anyway. They probably are more likely to be critical of poor quality books than whether or not AI was used as an assistant in the writing process (which happens to so many books these days it would be hard to police and easier for them to just keep being concerned about quality more than anything else).

5. How long does it take to start making sales?

Several members make 50-200 sales within less than a month of joining (those results are exceptional though and not typical). Others just release their first book at that time and start making sales in their 2nd month and beyond. So it's different for everyone. You can go at your own pace, but if you follow the training correctly you should see your first sales not long after you release your first book. Not to mention that the members like to support each other and some of them will likely get in there and buy and review your book to give it a nice little kickstart.

6. I am a complete beginner, will this help me?

Yes, eSelling Machine is perfect for complete beginners. You can skip all the headaches and save the time others usually waste searching for different online business opportunities that clearly do not work for them.

7. I live outside the USA, will this work for me?

Yes, so many of our successful students are outside the USA. For example, we have Teddy, Gillian, and Ellen, which are all from the UK, there's Nic from Canada and Kat from NZ. They're now coaches too, and you can see their stories on the workshop replay. There are many others. That’s the beauty of being online, your location is irrelevant. 

8. Do the AI powered tools replace the need for ghostwriters, editors, etc? / How much work do I need to do after the AI generates my content?

Abundant Scribe may be able to replace 60-80% of the work of a ghostwriter. OR it can save you a lot of time in preparing the detailed information that you want to give to a ghostwriter so that they will naturally produce a higher quality book for you, given the detailed information and resources you're now able to provide in a very short space of time.

You will also always want to check anything that is produced by AI, as it should be viewed as an assistant, not done-for-you. Your or a ghostwriter can proofread anything produced by AI. Consider it to be like your speedy assistant rather than a complete 100% done for you - which could get you in trouble!

9. Will my access to Abundant Scribe always be free?

UPDATE: Until Midnight Tonight, all new members will be grandfathered in to LIFETIME access of Abundant Scribe Premium Edition.

Your membership includes 12 months access (Lifetime Access - Expiring at Midnight) to the Abundant Scribe AI tool box, along with:

*6x live weekly AI training calls
*Niche Finder software (lifetime free access)
*12 months access to:
Weekly Publishing Q+A Calls
Weekly Publishing Coaching Calls
Dedicated email concierge team

After 12 months there may be a nominal subscription fee, as there are costs incurred on our development side each time the tool is used, as well as ongoing upkeep/ maintenance to ensure the tools run smoothly. However, a future subscription has not been determined yet.

10. What can Abundant Scribe do?

✓ Come up with great ideas for books
✓ Research your target market and uncover their burning needs and desires, and find out what they loved and what they were disappointed about, in other books in your niche.
✓ Create great descriptions for your books to help them SELL when they are listed on Amazon.
✓ Create a well-thought out, unique, table of contents for your book.
✓ Conduct in depth, valuable research for each chapter of your book.
✓ Expand your topic ideas by showing you areas that other books may not have thought of covering, but research into forums and blogs on the internet shows there is growing demand.
✓ Turn your brief outline into a well written chapter of a book! Yes these tools
can even write chapters for you.
✓ And lots more!